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Norway & Iceland

PROJECTS 2010-2024

Beauty shots with stills

Dialogues in 3

Dialogues in 3 is a series of short stories where images are arranged in triptych mode. Memories from different places and times come together to converse with each other, aiming to find common ground amidst their similarities and differences.

The atmosphere of distinct locations, the peculiarities of everyday objects, and the uniqueness of each individual serve as inspiration for all the photographs.

In a broader context, the entire series evokes both the presence and absence of humanity.

In France : Château de Chenonceau and former Paris 14 Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson.
In Norway: Oslofjorden near Drøbak, stupetårnet på Ingierstrand and Norway’s mirroring waters.
On Iceland: the roofs of Reykjavik, Hvítárvatn glacier lake, Þjóðvegur F35 road, Haukadalur geothermal fields and Vík í Mýrdal.
The moods of New York and site-specific installation “Education by Stone” by Cinthia Marcelle at the MoMA PS1.
The Aventine keyhole e una Madonna di Roma.


Creators of images, concepts, or ideas, the sources of inspiration and energy: they form the essence of art and creation. This ongoing project explores people's inner drive.

More specifically, this series features photographs that depict the dynamic between artists, artisans, or entrepreneurs and their workspace—whether it's a studio or an atelier—where the process of reflection and eventual fulfillment unfolds.

Lorenzo, Artist embroiderer

Guillaume, Technician designer

Catherine, Body & mind builder

Kaja, Jewellery designer

Livia, Multitalent artist

Alexander, Photographer

Interiors of Paris, MoMA PS1 of New York, ateliers in Pantin and Paris, digital fashion festival Oslo Trend in Norway.


This series illustrates the clear influence that environments have on us, with the physical often guiding the mental and emotional. Our surroundings provide temporal and spatial markers, inspiring us, heightening our emotions, and sometimes causing distress.

Traveling up North and observing the immensity, sometimes enduring the harshness of elements, has been for me an enduring and delightful reminder of how small and insignificant we are as human beings on our planet.

On Iceland : Jökulsárlón, Svartsengi geothermal field, Fjallsárlón, Svínafellsjökull, Eldhraun lava field.
In Norway : lake Øyeren I Mørkfoss and Oslofjorden Drøbak coast.

Prints of Nordic Blues and other in-lands are available for purchase on the estore.

Girls, just want to have fun

Girls, just want to have fun - are posed portraits with a bit of humour and glam. This series, featuring combinations of beauty shots and stills, invites a sense of carefree attitude and the pursuit of pleasure and enjoyment without constraints.

In France: Galerie Colbert, tunnel Proudhon, graffiti by Spek and the métro corridors of Paris; graffiti by the docks of Nantes and La Butte Sainte-Anne.
In Norway: Galleri Format i Bergen, the woods of Østfold and Fløyen; and last but not least: the streets of Rome.